​Sew Elegant is your one stop shop for all costuming and creative needs! We pride ourselves on creativity, craftsmanship and quality. With over 30 years of professional sewing experience, we know how to bring your ideas to life and make you stand out from the crowd. No costume or outfit is too difficult for us to do. Don't see something you like on our website? Send us an email and lets develop your ideal costume and outfit together. We will have our talented design staff discuss everything with you and send you mock-ups within 5-7 business days. We look forward to working with you and can't wait to create something amazing!


Sew Elegant Design Team
Louise Beiner - Owner and Head Seamstress

Louise Beiner, founder and head seamstress of both Sew Elegant and Beiner Bags LLC, has been at the creative helm of both companies for the past 10 years. Her attention to detail and eye for the amazing, truly brings all of her clients designs to life. She has been a master seamstress, sewing and creating incredible dresses and costumes for the past 30 years. With experience in all industries of the sewing and fashion world, she has an enourmous depth of knowledge to offer and bring to the company.


Grant Beiner - Chief Operational Officer

Grant Beiner is the Chief Operational Officer for Sew Elegant and also the Co-founder/CEO of Beiner Bags LLC with Louise Beiner. Grant oversees day to day operations, as well as all marketing, social media and client interactions for Sew Elegant.   


Ho Ying Chan - Lead Designer



Ms. Chan joined the Sew Elegant design team in the summer of 2014. She is a graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she received her degree in fashion and clothing design. She brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the area of design illustration, pattern making and forward thinking fashion design. Ms. Chan’s influences include Alexander McQueen and John Galiano. She enjoys creating new and unique designs for Sew Elegant customers and would love to bring your next show design/idea to life! 



Steven Anderson - Guest Designer


Mr. Anderson is a world renowned designer, hairstylist and fashion consultant to some of the biggest stars today. His client list has included: Super Model Iman, Suzanne Sommers, Rhonda Shear, The B 52's, The Gifted Medium John Edward and Susan Lucci. He is also currently doing design work for renowned guitarst Esteban. He brings an incredible amount of knowledge and talent to the Sew Elegant design team and creates true masterpieces!